About us

The person behind threadprinting

Hi, I'm Marion, owner of threadprinting. I'm glad you found your way here!
threadprinting is a side project of mine that actually started with me wanting to have cool clothes for myself with my own designs. A chain of poor financial decisions resulted in the purchase of an embroidery machine, which my family and friends probably regret the most, because now they only get "diy" clothes for every occasion (sorry for that, but money has to be saved somewhere πŸ˜… ).
My first collection is inspired by my favourite anime characters, but I have many other ideas for the future. How about merch for all Booktok fans?

The next steps

  • Sweatshirts made from organic cotton (currently looking for the best supplier)
  • Additionally offer T-Shirts
  • Shipping to all European countries

Ideas in the backlog (sorry, the coder in me comes through)

  • More clothing items (how about caps?)
  • Permanent products (Independent of collections)

- Marion (June 2022)